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Clos de Saint Yves - Savennières

Clos de Saint Yves

10.00  - – 47.80 
Savennières AOP | Its young character can last up to 5 years. Slowly maturing (10 to 20 years), some vintages reach the age of...
Clos du Papillon - Savennières

Clos du Papillon

Savennières AOP | This group of plots of land, spread out on either side of a road, has a southern exposure and its shape is...
Special Sorting - Savennières - BaumardSpecial Sorting - Savennières - Baumard
Out Of Stock

Trie Spéciale

Savennières AOP | La Trie Spéciale is a selection of grapes from the "selections" of the harvest and a selection...
Carte d'Or - Coteau du Layon - Baumard

Gold card

Coteaux du Layon AOP | La Carte d'Or is a selection of grapes from old vines on the Coteaux du Layon.

Le Petit Paon

Vins de France | Young cousin of the Peacock that our loyal customers know well. An original and secret blend of our...
Quarts de Chaume - BaumardQuarts de Chaume - Baumard

Quarts de Chaume

22.00  - – 52.10 
Quarts de Chaume AOP | The greatest wine of the Loire Valley. It benefits from a unique terroir and location....
Rosé de Loire - Baumard

Rosé de Loire

Rosé de Loire AOP | This rosé is an easy wine. Its balance of sugar/alcohol/acidity gives it a lot of suppleness, and in...
Cabernet d'Anjou - BaumardCabernet d'Anjou - Baumard

Cabernet d'Anjou

Cabernet d'Anjou AOP | A barley sugar tinged with clementine and iris. Suitable for ageing, it takes on a tile-like hue.
Le Logis - Red Wine - Baumard
Out Of Stock

Logis de la Giraudière

Anjou Rouge AOP | This Anjou is a fresh red, with pleasant tannins, which is restful and very well balanced, in the middle of the...
Clos de la Folie - Red Wine - Baumard

Clos de la Folie

12.00  - – 25.20 
Anjou Rouge AOP | Contrary to the original label, which is a collection of many quotes about madness, the wine is a...

Carte Turquoise

11.10  - – 62.10 
Crémant de Loire AOP | La Carte Turquoise has been made at the Domaine since 1957. The "classic" of the house. Fine wines...
Crémant de Loire - Carte Corail - Baumard

Carte Corail

11.10  - – 21.70 
Crémant de Loire AOP | A rosé marked by the "grain" of the juices of "tailles" of cabernet (2nd pressing) and moderated by the...
Clos de Saint Yves - Savennières

Wooden Box Selection

Savennières Clos Saint-Yves dry white 2019 Savennières Clos du Papillon dry white 2007 Vin de France Vert de l'Or dry white 2006...

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